salessNEUROSALES: Among the first consultants in Europe we focused our attention to new discoveries in the area of Neuroscience. NeuroSales is a comprehensive sales communication model relying on recent discoveries about emotional processes and decision patterns of your customers. A revolutionary approach and a completely new way to your sales success.

GOALS AND SCORE CARDS: Setting goals and balanced score sheets for your sales staff is essential for their performance. Show that the company understands their efforts and keeps an eye on their objective performance…

PERFORMANCE: Know your products, know your target audience, know your competitors! But first of all, know that emotions come first. If you are able to make your customer ‘decide with emotions’, to stimulate their ‘gut feeling’, then you are much more than a salesperson…

SALES CHANNELS: Are you still waiting for the customer at your shop’s entrance? Now you can mix all sorts of technological solutions for your sales offer, e-channels fully integrated with social web and the most recent e-promotion strategies.

MOTIVATION PATTERNS:Motivation of your salesforce is an essential element of success. Incentive schemes are just a small piece of that mosaic. An entire psychological toolkit is available to take your sales to the next level….

PROSPECTING: Strategies and tactics for the inquiry of your market and target groups. Feed your databases with full potential prospect customers using psychological and social web based tools.

SALES COMMUNICATION: Salespersons need new resources, more than just objection management and classic sales techniques. We offer a full set of advanced sales communication and sales training methods. From Active Sales to NeuroSales and integrated CRM pipelines – just decide the way you want  your salesforce to be….

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