la_nuova_cultura_aziendaleBusiness Culture Change: the ultimate frontier of change management.

We address issues like:

What is culture?

Where does it come from?

How might the culture be transformed?

Which strategies for culture change might leaders rely on?

Our research is based on the General System Theory and the Autopoiesis Theory as frameworks for a completely new approach applied on systemic change issues, psychological and emotional aspecs of culture and the process of continuous transformation of values and beliegs. The main aspects of this work are summarised in a recent publication by Franco Angeli publisher (Milan) entitled: “The new business culture (La nuova cultura aziendale)” by R. Cerović and G.P. Bonani.

You can also find this book on Amazon.




Neuromarketing and NeuroSales: the art of selling to Humans


Our Neuroscience team is constantly monitoring the possibilities of practical usage of this quickly growing area of knowledge. New understanding of neurological processes that undermines the communication phenomena (Social Neuroscience) is helping to focus the communication efforts towards elements that really matters. Sensorial stimulation, non verbal elements, emotional and unconscious content are the new keywords. We are sailing away from what for years represented a core competence in communication: rhetoric content, fixed scheme sales pitch, logical reasoning, and overwhelming technical explanations used to be very important in Sales training. The logical schemes are leaving place to “emotional reasoning” (see A.Damasio “Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain“, Penguin Books; Sep, 2005) and “good product explanations” are considered ineffective compared to strategies of providing stimuli to senses. Thanks to constant exchange of information with members of scientific community, we can test and put into practice brand new intuitions and ideas coming from academic research.

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